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Outside Scholarships

There are many outside scholarships for which you might be eligible; here is just a sampling. You may also want to register at one of the free online scholarship search sites such as http://www.fastweb.com/.

General Scholarships
Home Country/State Scholarships
Diversity Scholarships
Prospective Applicant Scholarships
Special Scholarships
Summer Scholarships
Scholarships for Disabled Students


AAA Scholarship - Kraut Law Group
Award: $500

Appel Law Firm - Auto Accident Law Firm Scholarship
Award: $1,000

Attorney Stewart Guss Scholarship
Award: $1,000

Avvo Law Student Scholarship
Award: $10,000

Blaze Wifi - Rural Students Scholarship Essay Contest
Award: $500

Bob Richards Scholarship for Peace through Space
Award: $1,500

Boling Rice, LLC Scholarship
Award: $1,000

Bradley Corbett Law Office
Award: $2,000

CAPFAA Scholarship
$500 - $750

Charleston Scholarship
Award: $2,000

Chris Wesner Law Firm Scholarship
Award: $1,000

Cope Law Offices - First Annual Law School Scholarship
Award: $2,000

CourseHorse Learner's Scholarship
Award: $1,000

Jenkins & Clayman Law Firm Scholarship
Award: $2,250

The Federal Circuit Bar Association: Giles Sutherland Rich Memorial Scholarship
Award: $10,000

The Federal Circuit Bar Association: William S. Bullinger Scholarship
Award: $5,000 (variable)

Crosner Legal Scholarship
Award: $1,000

Citizens Bank TruFit Scholarship
Award: $5,000

Dan David Prize
Award: $15,000

Dickson Law Group
Award: $1,000

Dolman Law Group Scholarship
Award: $1,100

EDvestinU ScholarshipOpportunity
Award: $1,000

Eve's Addiction
Award: $1,000

Humane Studies Fellowship
Award: up to $12,000

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation: Graduate Scholarship Program
Award: $50,000 (maximum)

Judge John R. Brown Scholarship Foundation: Brown Award for Excellence in Legal Writing
Award: $10,000

Ladah Law Firm Injury Scholarship
Award: $2,000

Laubacher & Co. Domestic Violence Scholarship
Award: $1,000

Law Office of Steven L. Fritsch
Award: $1,000

The Levin Firm
Award: $1,000 (two)

The Mary A. McCarthy Memorial Fund
Award: $500-$10,000

The Marilynne Graboys Wool Scholarship
Award: $2,000

Mark T. Banner Scholarship
Award: $5,000

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Law School Scholarship

Award: $3,000-$7,000

Peter Diamandis Bold Space Entrepreneur Scholarship
Award: $1,500

Reiff & Bily Legal Scholarship
Award: $1,000

Richard A. ClarkeContest - First Amendment Studies
Award: First place = $20,000; Second Place = $10,000; Third Place = $5,000

Richard W. Davies Scholarship and Internship
Award: $10,000

Rukin Hyland Doria & Tindall Equity & Inclusion Scholarship
Award: $3,000

Russell & Lazarus "How Lawyers Make the World a Safer Place" Scholarship
Award: $2,000

Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, P.C. Scholarship
Award: $100 to 2,500

Yale University Student Grants and Fellowship Database
Award: Variable

Zatuchni Law Scholarship
Award: $2,500