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Requirements for Transfer Applicants


Transfer applicants to Yale Law School must possess:

  • A bachelor's degree (or the equivalent) before matriculating at Yale Law School
  • An outstanding record at another U.S. law school

Applicants in special programs in U.S. law schools who have completed the first year of law school while completing the requirements for a bachelor's degree may be considered for transfer.

Students at foreign law schools are not eligible for consideration as transfer candidates. Students at foreign law schools may apply for admission to the first-year class and may be eligible for advanced standing in unusual circumstances.

Transfer applications will be considered only between the applicant’s first and second years of law school. Transfer students must complete at least four semesters years at Yale Law School.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit will be considered only for work done at U.S. law schools that are approved by the American Bar Association and only if the student maintained a weighted average grade of not less than B (or the equivalent) for all work in that school. A maximum of 28 units will be transferred from that school toward the J.D. requirements at Yale Law School.  No credit will be granted for work done through correspondence or online courses.