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Reunion Brunches

Sunday, November 6, 2005
10:00 am–1:00 pm

’40 and ’45
Quintin and Nancy Johnstone
La Piazza, 65 Broadway, New Haven
(Entrance through courtyard by Yale Bookstore)

Stanley and Marjorie Jacobs
45 Kohary Drive, New Haven

George and Kathy Priest
350 Livingston Street, New Haven

Ira and Marguerite Grudberg
14 Lorraine Drive, Woodbridge

Bo and Linda Burt
66 Dogwood Circle, Woodbridge

Henry Hansmann and Marina Santilli
La Piazza, 65 Broadway, New Haven

Anthony Kronman and Nancy Greenberg
35 Highland Street, New Haven

Harold Hongju Koh and Christy Fisher
87 Ogden Street, New Haven

Elizabeth and Daniel Esty
213 Preston Terrace, Cheshire

Robert and Joan Gordon
140 Ogden Street, New Haven

Suzanne Miller and Thomas Cimini
48 Mt. Sanford Road, Cheshire

Daniel Markovits and Sarah Bilston
34 Haddam Quarter Road, Durham