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Reunion Directory

Class of 1956 50th Reunion Booklet
As the Class of 1956 gets ready for the “Big Five Oh” Reunion October 13-15, the co-chairs Emanuel Margolis and Igor Sikorsky need your help in extending the profile of your classmates by way of supplementing the book that was published for the mid-course Reunion in 1999.

The first set of questions are biographical and are intended to be shared with your classmates.  Please let it all out, in prose or poetry, with utmost candor, and don’t hide your sense of humor.  The second set of questions are to be answered anonymously and should serve to provide us with something approaching a class profile.  Please note that June 15 is the deadline to submit your entries. 

Online Questionnaire Survey: www.law.yale.edu/56reunionbook

Online Anonymous Survey: www.law.yale.edu/56anonymous

Class of 1981 25th Reunion Directory
The Office of Alumni and Public Affairs is preparing a 25th Reunion Directory of biographical sketches for your Class to mark this milestone.  We hope to publish as complete a reunion directory as possible.  I urge you to take just a few minutes now to complete the directory survey.   Please note June 15 is the deadline to submit your entries. 

Online Directory Survey: www.law.yale.edu/81reuniondirectorysurvey

Online Work/Life Survey: www.law.yale.edu/81worklifesurvey

Send questions to pamela.sims@yale.edu or call (203) 432-1690.