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Class of 1974

Dear Classmates,

I hope you are looking forward as I am to our upcoming 35th(!) law school reunion in mid-October. In honor of the occasion, and at Nelson Dong’s suggestion, we have decided to put together a booklet of updated information and reflections from our classmates. Nelson has graciously offered to produce the booklet after we collect responses from all of you. Although we are technically not part of the Facebook generation, we hope the booklet will help us reestablish connections among the Class of 1974.

There is a questionnaire for you to fill out. If you would like to submit an up-to-date photo of yourself or your family you can send a hard copy to Nelson Dong, Esq., Dorsey & Whitney LLP, 1420 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3400, Seattle, WA 98101 or email Nelson ( dong.nelson@dorsey.com) a jpeg file. Our plan is to dig up the photos from our 1971 incoming class booklet and demonstrate that none of us has changed much at all!

Art Spitzer, my reunion co-chair, joins me in urging you to attend the reunion, which promises to be full of stimulating and memory-jogging experiences. Art, Nelson and I also encourage you to complete the questionnaire and share your perspectives from thirty-five years out.

Best regards,

Ellen Stanton Mulaney

773-868-1292 (home)
312-503-0490 (office)