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April 25, 2008

Professor Peter Schuck will be the guest speaker on April 25 at Pillsbury Winthrop in Southern California. His talk is entitled, "A Sensible Immigration Policy and Law for the 21st Century." An application for MCLE credit is pending.

"Bordering on Folly" a commentary by Peter H. Schuck published in The American Lawyer, October 2007, reprinted on the YLS website here.

Peter H. Schuck, "Law and the Study of Migration," Chapter 7, 198-204, in Migration Theory: Talking Across Disciplines, Caroline B. Brettell and James F. Hollifield editors, (2d ed. 2007)

Peter H. Schuck, "Taking Immigration Federalism Seriously," U. Chicago Legal Forum, 57-92, 2007