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2009 Photos and Video


Breakfast Connections
A Conversation with Sonia Sotomayor '79
Dinners & Receptions
Class of 1959 — 50th Reunion
Extra Activities


Friday, October 16

Panel Discussion:
Do Courts Play a Productive Role in the Regulatory Process?
Moderator: William Eskridge, Jr. ’78, John A. Garver Professor of Jurisprudence, Yale Law School

Saturday, October 17

Panel Discussions:

I. The Regulatory Process: Problems--Potential Solutions
Moderator: Thomas W. Merrill, Professor of Law, Yale Law School

II. Health Regulations in Transition
Moderator: Jerry L. Mashaw, Sterling Professor of Law, Yale Law School

III. Does Clean and Green Require Mean? New Directions in Energy and Environmental Regulation
Moderator: Douglas Kysar, Professor of Law, Yale Law School

IV. The Global Financial Crisis and the Future of Financial Regulation
Moderator: Roberta Romano ‘80, Oscar M. Ruebhausen Professor of Law, Yale Law School



Alumni Luncheon (including presentation of the YLSA Award of Merit to Harold Hongju Koh, Legal Adviser to the U.S. State Department; and a memorial tribute to Professor Thomas I. Emerson '31)