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Class Reunion Brunches

Sunday, October 10

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Class Reunion Brunches

Shuttle service to and from the brunches will be available from the four (4) downtown hotels.

Class of 1950
Courtyard by Marriott at Yale
30 Whalley Avenue
New Haven

Class of 1955
Hosts: Guido ’58 and Anne Calabresi

Class of 1960
Hosts: Stephen E. ’60 and Natalie Ronai

Class of 1965
Hosts: Jose A. Cabranes ’65 and Kate Stith

Class of 1970
Hosts: Robert and Joan Gordon

Class of 1975
Hosts: Anthony Kronman ’75 and Nancy Greenberg ‘83

Class of 1980
Hosts: George and Kathy Priest

Class of 1985
Hosts: Ian Ayres ’86 and Jennifer Brown

Class of 1990
Hosts: E. Donald Elliott ’74 and Gail Charnley Elliott

Class of 1995
Hosts: Michael Wishnie ’93 and Catherine Edwards

Class of 2000
Hosts: Daniel Markovits ’00 and Sarah Bilston

Class of 2005
Hosts: Yair ’05 and Stephanie Listokin