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Class Reunion Booklets

25th Class Reunion - 1988

Click here to take a survey.  

TO:     Members of the Class of 1988
RE:      Class of 1988 25th Reunion Booklet

As you’ve just read in the letter from your Reunion Chairs, we at the Office of Alumni Affairs are very busy preparing for Alumni Weekend 2013, October 4-6, your 25th reunion celebration!  As part of the celebration we are preparing a 25th Reunion Booklet of contact information as well as answers to some fun and informative questions.  We think that this booklet, marking a significant milestone, should be really interesting to all of you.  It will be available to all members of your class free of charge.
Our hope is to publish as complete a reunion booklet as possible.  And to aid us in this effort, the 25th Reunion Booklet questions are available online.  I urge you to take some time to complete the questionnaire so we can include your information.  Click here to take a survey.   It shouldn’t take much time at all.
In addition to the contact information for each of you, and answers to the broad questions, we want to include pictures for a “then and now” perspective.  Please send a recent photo electronically in JPG format (300 dpi) to alumni.law@yale.edu.  We will be using the 1988 facebook photos for the “then” picture.  Since this is the only publication planned for your class until your 50th reunion, please make a special effort to respond so that you and your classmates can enjoy a complete reunion booklet.  If we do not hear from you, we will use the contact information supplied by the University.  Please note:  Friday, August 16th is the deadline to submit your entry and send in your picture.

Plan now to attend your reunion on October 4-6!  We look forward to having you here in New Haven.  If you have any questions, please call our office at (203) 432-1690 or email alumni.law@yale.edu.   

50th Class Reunion - 1963

We are busy finalizing plans for your 50th reunion celebration on Alumni Weekend, October 4-6,  2013.  More information about the upcoming Alumni Weekend will be sent to you soon by your reunion chairs, Sylvia O. Decker, James Hamilton, Charles M. Needle, and Barry R. Schaller.  In the meantime, we want to inform you that the Law School will publish a 50th Reunion Booklet for the Class of 1963 to mark this significant milestone. We have consulted with your co-chairs about the contents of the booklet, which YLS will provide to all members of the class free of charge.

Our goal is to publish as complete, interesting, and attractive a reunion booklet as possible given the tight time constraints. We envision that the booklet will contain a full page (front and back if necessary) devoted to each current member of the class, including A) a brief bio sketch (that you write), B-C) your responses to some specific questions, and D) a current photograph of yourself. The booklet will also include a section of old photos (please send), a full class contact list, and an “In Memoriam” page.

A. First, we ask that you please write a brief bio sketch (500 words max please). Your sketch can be serious or light, cognitive or creative, factual or fanciful.

B. In addition to this bio, please include your brief responses (short paragraphs) to the following questions. These questions should be answered separately from your bio; they will be in a section all their own.    

1- What is your favorite memory of your days at Yale Law School?    
2- What do you hope to accomplish or experience in the next ten years?

C. On the lighter side, we would also like to include what we call “snapshots” – quick comments (a sentence or two) on the following topics. Please also answer these separately from the first two items.     

1- Best YLS class    
2- Your personal “hero”     
3- Best place to vacation    
4- Your last read    
5- The YLS professor who influenced you the most

The point of the “snapshots” is to write something brief and interesting that you can share with your classmates. Please feel free to take the most comfortable approach and to get it to us as soon as possible, no later than the deadline below.

D. As noted, we would like to include your photo on your page in the directory.   In addition to your bio and question answers, we ask that you provide a current picture (black and white or color) of you, or you and your spouse. If you have pictures from your time as a student at Yale Law School and are willing to share them, please include those, as well. They will be used as part of a collage in the Reunion Booklet.

Please send your brief bio, the answer to the questions, and photos to the Office of Alumni Affairs email account: alumni.law@yale.edu. When sending your photos electronically, please use the JPG format. If you would prefer to mail your answers in, you can send your information to: Office of Alumni Affairs, Yale Law School, PO Box 208215, New Haven, CT 06520-8215. 

We would love to have information on every member of the class, whether or not you can attend the Reunion.  This will be the only commemorative publication planned for your class, so please make a special effort to respond so that you and your classmates can enjoy a complete reunion booklet.  The deadline to submit your entry and photos is Friday, August 16th.  If you have any personal questions, concerns, or requests about this project, Barry Schaller has offered to assist as contact person. He welcomes you to get in touch with him by email (barry.schaller@yale.edu) or phone (860 713-2192).

Please plan now to attend your reunion on October 4-6!  We look forward to having you here in New Haven.  If you have any questions, please call the Office of Alumni Affairs at (203) 432-1690 or email alumni.law@yale.edu.