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Breakfast Connections

Alumni-Student Breakfast Connections
Saturday, October 25, Room 120 and Alumni Reading Room
8:00 – 9:30 AM; Meet at The Table in the main hall

Breakfast Connections connects our current students with our alumni attending Alumni Weekend.  The Office of Alumni Affairs tries to match students and alumni with similar interests by asking both alums and students to fill out a short survey.  

Matches are not always perfect, but we do our very best, most often with excellent results.  But, we need your help—the better information you provide (particularly about professional areas and career topics you are comfortable discussing), the better chance of putting helpful matches together.  As you can imagine, the process of putting together good matches is part science, part art and not a little alchemy—so, while unforeseen events sometimes occur at the last minute, please be reasonably certain that you’ll be able to make the breakfast before volunteering.  We’ll ask the same of the students. 

You must complete the Survey to participate, and we also ask that you submit a bio.  The deadline date to submit your survey is Wednesday, October 8th.