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Reunion Chairs

Class of 1954 John R. Dunne, Robert E. Fischer
Class of 1959 David Weild III
Class of 1964 Frank C. Damrell, Jr., Joseph D. Mandel, Monroe E. Price
Class of 1969 Kirk Wickersham
Class of 1974Ellen S. Mulaney, Arthur B. Spitzer
Class of 1979 Rudolph F. Aragon, Susan L. Hoffman, Peter M. Kougasian
Class of 1984 Mark Barnes, Jessica R. Friedman
Class of 1989 David R. Fontaine, Peter T. Gelfman, Chrisellen R. Kolb, Andrew S. Marovitz
Class of 1994Patricia Diak, Linda M. Ricci
Class of 1999 Jessica S. Sager, Mark N. Templeton
Class of 2004 Oluwaseun O. Ajayi, Jenny R. Chou, Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger
Class of 2009 William Kwame Spearman

and a specialgathering for the Legal Eagles: classes up to and including 1953.