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Breakfast Connections

Saturday, October 20, 2012 8:00 – 9:30 AM
Room 120  

For the past several years, the Alumni-Student Breakfast during Alumni Weekend has been a wonderful way for students and alumni to have meaningful conversations. To make this endeavor the most rewarding, we try to match students and alumni with similar interests. The more information we have -- particularly about subjects you are eager to talk about-- the better. To be matched with current students, go to www.law.yale.edu/alumniBCsurvey2012 by Monday, October 1 to fill out a short survey.  You must complete the survey by this date in order to participate.  (Unfortunately, because of space limitations, non-alumni guests cannot attend the matching breakfast, but are very welcome to enjoy breakfast in the Law School Dining Hall.)    We will send you an email letting you know who your "matches" are as we get closer to Alumni Weekend, and will try not to match more than three students to any alum.  We hope you decide to participate!