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General Information

Registration Location
The Registration Room, Room 122 in the Law School, will be open from 1:30-7:30 pm on Friday, October 8; 8:00 am-6:30 pm on Saturday, October 9; and 9:30 am-1:30 pm on Sunday, October 10.

If you have registered by September 23, please come to the Registration Room when you arrive to pick up your registration packet filled with name badges, notices of events, and other goodies. Please note that if you have registered by September 23, but arrive in New Haven only in time to go to a meal site, you should go directly to the site. You can pick up your registration packet from Room 122 at another time.

If you do not register by the September 23 deadline, please go to the Registration Room for onsite registration when you arrive. Onsite rates will apply.

Disability Accommodations
Yale Law School and Yale University facili­ties are accessible to persons with disabili­ties. If you require special arrangements, please indicate this on your registration form or contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 203.432.1690 at your earliest conven­ience, but no later than Thursday, September 23, so that there is sufficient time to make appropriate arrangements.

Special Dietary Needs
Please note any special dietary requirements (such as being a vegetarian, keeping kosher, or having chronic food allergies) on your paper or online registration form, or contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 203.432.1690 at your earliest convenience, but no later than Thursday, September 23. Then, when you are at a meal during the weekend, just notify your server of your dietary request.

Child Care
For the convenience of those who will be bringing children to New Haven, we will have assembled a list of students and staff members who have expressed an interest in babysitting. The Law School has not requested any information from these individuals regarding their experience as babysitters or their backgrounds. We recommend that you select someone from this list who you believe is qualified and appropriate to care for your children. If you are interested in obtaining this list or have other child care questions, please note this on the online registration form or call 203.432.1690. All requests for child care must be made no later than Thursday, October 20.

Family Activities
A pamphlet describing family activities in the area will be available in the Registration Room, Room 122, during Alumni Weekend.

For the Connecticut weather forecast, go to www.wtnh.com.

PLEASE NOTE: The Office of Public Affairs will be taking photographs throughout the Weekend for inclusion in the Yale Law Report and on the Law School’s website.