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Informal Activities

Saturday, October 14

Class of 1956 -- Symposium: “Guantanamo Detainees: Breakdown of the Separation of Powers?”  Participants: Steven G. Calabresi, Elizabeth P. Gilson, Jonathan Hafetz, and I. Michael Heyman.  3:30 pm, Room 129

Class of 1966 -- Wine and Cheese Reception.  4:30 pm, Faculty Lounge, Room 208

Class of 1976 -- “New Haven Reads,” An afternoon of public service.  2:30-5:15 pm, 45 Bristol Street, New Haven

Class of 1981 -- Panel Discussion: Work/Life Choices--Results of a Survey of the Class of 1981.  Participants: TBA.  3:30 pm, Room 120

Class of 1991 -- Panel Presentation: “The Enigma of Ken Lay: The Inside Story of the Investigation, Trial and Aftermath.” Speaker: John Hueston ’91.  3:30 pm, Room 121

Class of 2001- Game of Croquet.  Time TBD, Law School Courtyard