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Photo Gallery

The 11th Annual YLS Martha's Vineyard Summer Cocktail Party hosted by W. Lee Dunham ’66 and his wife, Nancy. If you are interested in organizing a similar summer YLS gatherings in your area, contact the Office of Alumni Affairs (alumni.law@yale.edu).


April 22, 2015 — YLSA of Illinois Conversation with David Lat '99 and Will Baude '07

April 22, 2015 — YLSA of Southern California: Talk and Tour of LACMA

April 19, 2015 — YLSA of Washington, DC "The Originalist" at Arena Stage

March 26-27, 2015 — YLSA Executive Committee Spring 2015 Gathering

March 26, 2015 — YLSA of PenJerDel: Dark Money and Shadow Parties 

February 12, 2015 — "Out of the Blue" Recent Alumni Happy Hour in Philadelphia

February 10, 2015 — YLSA of NYC Conversation with Chief Judge Robert Katzmann and Professor Abbe Gluck

February 3, 2015 — YLSA of SoCal Reception and Conversation at the Hammer Museum

February 2, 2015 — "Out of the Blue" Recent Alumni Happy Hour in LA

January 29, 2015 — YLSA of Washington, DC Conversation and Reception with Chief Judge Robert Katzmann and Professor William Eskridge

January 4, 2015 — AALS 2015 Dean's Reception



October 23-26, 2014 — Alumni Weekend 2014

October 2, 2014 — YLSA of Texas Conversation with Hon. Harriet O'Neill

September 23, 2014—YLSA of New England Annual Red Sox Event

September 14, 2014—YLSA of PenJerDel Annual Garden Party

September 10, 2014—YLSA of New Jersey Reception, Dinner, and Discussion with Bill Eskridge ’78

August 14, 2014—Martha's Vineyard Annual Summer Reception

July 19, 2014—New York Summer Get-Together in the Hamptons

July 10, 2014—YLSA of Washington, DC Annual Dinner

July 8, 2014—YLSA of New York City Panel Discussion

June 30, 2014—YLSA of NYC Supreme Court Watchers

June 26, 2014—YLSA of New England Summer Happy Hour

June 25, 2014—YLSA of Illinois Summer Happy Hour

June 21, 2014—YLSA of SoCal Tobin Memorial Brunch

June 5, 2014—YLSA of Florida Discussion with John Fabian Witt ’99

May 2, 2014—YLSA of NYC Annual Luncheon

March 26, 2014—YLSA of Washington, DC Reception with Lon Babby ’76

March 20, 2014—YLSA of Washington, DC Gin Distillery Tour and Tasting

March 14, 2014—YLSA of NYC Olympics Breakfast Panel

January 3, 2014—AALS New York City Reception and Dinner