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Reunion Videos

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Featured Speaker: 
Former President Bill Clinton '73 addressing the Yale Law School community at Woolsey Hall on "Our Global Challenges". 

Friday, October 3rd

Panel #1:
In the Groves of Academe and Beyond: The Lifetime Labors of Charles Reich ’52 and John Simon ‘53
– moderated by Judith Resnik
Panel #2:
Liberty and Security in the Next Administration: War, Rights & Antiterrorism 
– moderated by Dean Harold Hongju Koh

Saturday October 4th
Saturday Luncheon and Awards Ceremony
A Tribute to Catherine G. Roraback ’48
Presentations of the YLSA Awards of Merit
– Presentation by: Michael A. Varet ’65
Recipient: Charles A. Reich ’52, Professor of Law, 1960–74, Visiting Professor, 1974–76, 1991–94, Yale Law School
– Presentation by: Ernest Rubenstein ’53
Recipient: John G. Simon ’53, Professor of Law, 1962–2003, Professor Emeritus of Law, 2003–present, Yale Law School

Panel I:
Immigration Policy in the 21st Century
– moderated by Michael J. Wishnie ’93

Panel II:
Toward the Next Generation of Environmental Policy
– moderated by Dan Esty

Panel III: 
Is This Just a Normal Downturn – or is Something Badly Broken?
– moderated by Michael Graetz 

Panel IV:
Health Care Reform in the Next Administration: Promises and Perils?
– moderated by Mark Barnes ’84,