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Program in Brazil

The Linkage Program in Brazil is a collaborative effort with the Universidade de São Pauloand FGV Direito in São Pauloand theUniversidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiroand the FGV Direito in Rio de Janeiro. The main goal of the program is to promote better understanding of the relationship between law and democratic values in the United States and Latin America. The four-week program is divided into two weeks in São Paulo and two in Rio de Janeiro.

Linkages students have worked on a wide variety of projects in Brazil, including publication of law journals, development of academic and scholarly programs and seminars, and conducting research for NGOs involved with human rights issues. In the past students have also combined Linkages with other activities, including empirical research on elections and corruption and an internship with a Minister on the Brazilian Supreme Court. Although attending group activities is mandatory, activities which usually involve meetings, visits, and tours, there is much room for independent research. The calendar of events for the summer 2014 program is availablebelow.

First-, second-, third-year and graduate students are invited to apply. Intermediate Portuguese is required, as isnot missing a significant portion of the4-week program that generally occupies the month of August (when Fall Interviews for summer associate jobs are conducted at the law school).Travel and living expenses are covered by the Yale Law School, and generally participants stay with Brazilian law students or lawyers.

Toapply for the program, send a current resume, a law school transcript (not necessary for 1Ls), and a brief statement of interest(no longer than three double-spaced pages) to the program coordinator, bradley.hayes@yale.edu, who can also be contacted for answer to any other questions regarding the program.

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