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Spring 2007 Symposium Schedule

Spring 2007 Symposium Schedule 


Monday Jan. 29
Inaugural Symposium
4:30 p.m., Law School

Michael C. Jensen, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School
"Integrity: A Positive Model with Applications to Corporate Governance and Finance"

A background paper for the lecture, entitled "Integrity: A Positive Model that Incorporates Morality, Ethics, Legality, and Sincerity," is available at http://papers.ssrn.com/abstract=920625

Thursday Mar. 1
12:00 p.m., School of Management
Christian Leuz, Professor of Accounting and David G. Booth Faculty Fellow, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
Cost of Capital Effects and Changes in Growth Expectations around U.S. Cross-Listings
Wednesday Mar. 28
12:15 p.m., Law School
Luigi Zingales, Robert C. Mc Cormack Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
"Who Blows the Whistle on Corporate Fraud?"
Thursday Apr. 19
12:00 p.m., School of Management
Robert M. Daines ‘92, Pritzker Professor of Law and Business, Stanford Law School
Mandatory Disclosure, Information Asymmetry and Liquidity: The Effect of the 1934 Act