Application Instructions for Simultaneous Applications

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Application Instructions for Simultaneous Applications

General Instructions and Deadlines

Applicants to the Accelerated Integrated JD–MBA program (AI JD-MBA) must complete the application for each school by each school’s deadline for admission. 

For more information on admissions and application deadlines for Yale Law School, please click here. For Information on admissions and application deadlines for the Yale School of Management, please click here

Applicants are welcome to apply within any of the three SOM deadlines, but SOM recommends that applications be submitted within the second SOM deadline in order to facilitate coordination across the two schools’ admissions processes.


1)  Application forms. AI JD-MBA applicants must complete two application forms, one for the Law School via LSAC and one for SOM via SOM’s on line application system. Each of the requirements listed on each of the applications (including submission of the LSAT scores to YLS and GMAT or GRE scores to SOM) must be completed, along with payment of the required application fees to both schools.

2)  Recommendation letters. The same recommendation letters may be used for both applications. However, your recommenders must submit their letters to each school separately following each school’s specific instructions, using both the LSAC and the SOM online application systems. 

Withdrawing an Application:

The Admissions Office of both schools should be notified if you decide to withdraw your application from either school.