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Symposium on Reassessing Director Elections - October 7, 2005 Photo Gallery

Session 1: Alternatives to Plurality Voting
Session 2:
Institutional Perspectives on Elections
Session 3:
Comparative Perspectives
Session 4:
Federalism and Elections
Faces at the Forum

Session 1 Alternatives to Plurality Voting
: An exploration of alternative voting systems for the election of directors

Alan Gerber

Robert Todd Lang '47 and Harold Hongju Koh

Dean Harold Hongju Koh opens the Symposium.

From left: Alan Gerber, Margaret Foran, Robert Todd Lang '47, John Wilcox, Jeffrey Gordon

Session 2 Institutional Perspectives on Elections: Examining the role of institutions in, and their concerns regarding, the election process

From left: Damon Silvers, Eric Roiter, Joseph Grundfest, Charles Nathan '65, Stephen Deane, Harvey Goldschmid

Joseph Grundfest, Charles Nathan '65, Stephen Deane

Stephen Deane, Harvey Goldschmid

Eric Roiter and Joseph Grundfest

Session 3 Comparative Perspectives: Looking at director elections, with a focus on elections abroad

From left: Guido Ferrarini '78 LLM, Reiner Kraakman '79, Roberta Romano '80, J. Mark Ramseyer, Laurence Hazell

Roberta Romano '80, J. Mark Ramseyer, Laurence Hazell

Reiner Kraakman '79

Guido Ferrarini '78 LLM

Session 4 Federalism and Elections: Considering the potentially problematic interplay betweeen SEC procedural initiatives on shareholder voting and substantive state law, whether policy coordination is desirable, or even possible, and, if so, what form such policy coordination might take

From left: Lucian Bebchuk, Jonathan Macey '82, E. Norman Veasey, Hon. Ralph Winter '60, Alan Beller

Hon. Ralph Winter '60, Alan Beller

E. Norman Veasey

Lucian Bebchuk

Faces at the Forum

Symposium attendees UVA School of Law Profs. Albert Choi '01 and George Triantis discuss presentations at the break.

Anita Anand (YLS Visiting Prof.), Guido Ferrarini '78 LLM, and Roberta Romano '80

Prof. Henry Hansmann '74

Prof. Alvin Klevorick

Profs. Alvin Klevorick (left) and Paul Mahoney '84 (UVA School of Law)

Dean Harold Hongju Koh (right) with SOM Prof. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Lucian Bebchuk (left).

Robert Todd Lang '47

Marianne Dietz, Associate Director of the Center, and her student assistants