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Roundtable: April 2, 1011 Session III Reading Materials

The Weil, Gotshal & Manges Roundtable at Yale Law School

April 1, 2011

Click here for background reading materials on Dodd-Frank.

Reading materials for Session III: Housing and Mortgage Market Reform

1. Michael S. Barr, Behaviorally Informed Home Mortgage Credit Regulation

2. Christopher Mayer, A New Proposal for Loan Modifications

3. Christopher Mayer, After the Housing Crisis: Avoiding Contractual Problems with Mortgages in the Future (presentation)

4. Christopher Mayer, Housing, Subprime Mortgages, and Securitization: How did we go wrong and what can we learn so this doesn’t happen again?

5. Christopher Mayer, The Inefficiency of Refinancing: Why Prepayment Penalties Are Good for Risky Borrowers

6. Robert J. Shiller, Don't Bet the Farm on the Housing Recovery April 9, 2010

7. Robert J. Shiller, Housing Bubbles Are Few and Far Between Feb 5, 2011

8. Robert J. Shiller, Mom, Apple Pie and Mortgages March 5, 2010

9. Robert J. Shiller, Mortgages of the Future Sept 20, 2008

10. Susan M. Wachter, Explaining the Housing Bubble

11. Susan M. Wachter, Lending and Real Estate Bubbles: Known and Unknowns (presentation)

12. Susan M. Wachter, Securitization: Cause or Remedy of the Financial Crisis?

13. Susan M. Wachter, Systemic Risk and Market Institutions

14. Susan M. Wachter, Systemic Risk Through Securitization: The Result of Deregulation and Regulatory Failure

15. Peter J. Wallison, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Dissenting Statement

16. Peter J. Walllison, The Lost Cause: The Failure of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

17. Letter from Ane Arnth Jensen, Managing Director of the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks