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Roundtable: March 23, 2012 Panel Reading Materials

Readings for Panel Discussion: The Gap in State and Municipality Obligations and Revenues and What To Do About It
1. Executive Summary Materials: Rhode Island Security Act of 2011.
2. Joshua D. Rauh, The Pension Bomb (2011)
3. Joshua D. Rauh, Policy options for state pension systems and their impact on plan liabilities (2011)
4. Rhode Island Truth in Numbers: The Security and Sustainability of Rhode Island’s Retirement System (2011)
5. Statute: Rhode Island Retirement Security Act of 2011
6. Rhode Island: A Guide to Comprehensive Pension Reform (2011)
7. Gina M. Raimondo: Next up: Reforming local pension plans (2011)
8. Bloomberg, Vallejo's Bankruptcy `Failure' Scares Cities Into Cutting Costs (2010)
9. Presentation: Chapter 9 vs. Chapter 11 (2012)
10. Memorandum: Evaluation of Alternatives Available to the City of Harrisburg to Address Its Current Financial Situation (2011)