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Roundtable: May 4, 2007 Photo Gallery

The Weil, Gotshal & Manges Roundtable Photo Gallery May 4, 2007

Francis Byrd, Paul Hodgson and Laurence Hazell

Audience Perspective on the Panel

From left: Professors Sanjai Bhagat, Yair Listokin '05, Ben Hermalin, Alan Schwartz '64

USC Prof. Ehud Kamar, Geeyoung Min LLM '05 and UVA Prof. Albert Choi '01

Professors Ehud Kamar and Henry Hansmann '74

Professors Henry Hansmann '74, Gerson Zweifach '79 and Roberta Romano '80

Prof. Hermalin talks with YLS students during a break.

Professor Laura Starks

Professor Andrew Metrick

Laurence P. Hazell

From left: Laura Starks, Laurence Hazell and Andrew Metrick

John W. White

Gerson Zweifach '79 and U. Chicago Prof. Todd Henderson

Panelists (from left): Pearl Meyer, Paul Hodgson, Kevin Murphy, John White, Gerson Zweifach '79 and Roberta Romano '80

Professor Kevin Murphy

Todd Lang '47

Pearl Meyer

Professor Sanjai Bhagat

Professor Benjamin Hermalin

Dean Harold Koh and Ezra Friedman '08

Professor Jonathan Macey '82

Professor Alan Schwartz '64

Gerson Zweifach '79

UVA Professor Michal Barzuza

Paul Hodgson

SOM Professor Shyam Sunder

Professor Albert Choi '01 and Moody's VP Francis Byrd

SEC participants Cindy Alexander and Kimberley S. Drexler '97