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March 4, 2008 Readings

Readings for the March 4, 2008, Alumni Breakfast
"Ethics and ideals in the practice of corporate law: The Lawyer-Statesman qua Lawyer-Gatesman"

1. Craig Wasserman and Kevin Schwartz, "Brief Bibliography on Ethics and Ideals in the Practice of Corporate Law"

2. Anthony Kronman, "The Lost Lawyer"

3. Stanley Sporkin, "The Legal Profession Under Scrutiny"

4. New York City Bar Association, "Task Force on the Lawyer's Role in Corporate Goverance"

5. General Mills, "A Champion's Code of Conduct"

6. Ronald Berenbeim, "Soft Law and Ethics Programs: The Expanding Role for Company Attorneys"

7. Craig Wasserman, "Dear Prudence: Finding a Proper Balance in the Post-Enron Regulatory and Enforcement Arena"