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October 30, 2008 Readings

Readings for the October 30, 2008, Alumni Breakfast
“Lou Dobbs v. Sovereign Wealth Funds:  How Will the New CFIUS Regulations Work and How Will They Effect National Security and Foreign Investment?”

1. David M. Marchick and Matthew J. Slaughter, "Global FDI Policy: Correcting a Protectionist Drift" (CSR No. 34, June 2008, Council on Foreign Relations). 

2. Department of the Treasury, Office of International Investment, Proposed Regulations Pertaining to Mergers, Acquisitions, and Takeovers by Foreign Persons (April 23, 2008).

3. Global Crossing/Executive Branch Mitigation Agreement (2003). Note: CFIUS agreements generally are not publicly available and for reasons related to FCC licensing, this agreement was made public by the FCC and is available on the FCC website.

4. Brad W. Setser, "Sovereign Wealth and Sovereign Power: The Strategic Consequences of American Indebtedness" (CSR No. 37, September 2008, Council on Foreign Relations).

5. Warren G. Lavey and Ivan A. Schlager, "US Foreign Investment Act: Impact on Asian Companies"

6. Warren G. Lavey, "Telecom Globalization and Deregulation Encounter U.S. National Security and Labor Concerns"