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Roundtable: February 13, 2009 Photo Gallery

The Weil, Gotshal & Manges Roundtable Photo Gallery February 13, 2009

Session I Panel (from left): Frank Partnoy '92, Andrew Metrick, Charles Calomiris, John Geanakoplos, Anil Kashyap, Roberta Romano '80

Profs. Ed Kitch (UVA Law), Bob Thompson (Vanderbilt Law) and Frank Partnoy '92 (San Diego Law)

Yale Journal on Regulation (from left): Natalya Shnitser '09, Paul Beaton '10, Alex Wu '10, Stephen Gilstrap '11, Benjamin Rogers '09, Katie O'Banion '11

Robert Todd Lang '47 and Laurence Hazell

Profs. Richard Booth '76 (Maryland Law) and Jennifer Johnson '76 (Lewis & Clark Law)

Francis Byrd and Leigh-Anne Walker

Profs. Alicia Davis Evans '98 (Michigan Law) and Robert Hockett LLM '03 (Cornell Law)

Session II Panel (from left): Jonathan Macey '82, Edward Kane, Steven Schwarcz, Sanjai Bhagat, Richard Brooks

Panelist Charles Calomiris

Panelists Andrew Metrick and Anil Kashyap

Profs. Michal Barzuza (UVA Law), Randall Thomas (Vanderbilt Law) and John Coates (Harvard Law)

Session III Panel (from left): John Coates, Geoffrey Miller, Richard Herring, Lucian Bebchuk, Melanie Fein

YLS Prof. Henry Hansman '74 and Panelists Frank Partnoy '92 and Susan Koniak '78

Anthony Kronman '75 and Robert Todd Lang '47

Panelists Sanjai Bhagat and Richard Brooks

Panelist Richard Herring

YLS Profs. Alan Schwartz '64 and Henry Hansmann ' 74

Session IV Panel (from left): Chris Mayer, William Goetzmann, Susan Wachter, Susan Koniak '78, Ian Ayres '86

YLS Prof. Ian Ayres '86

Panelist Lucian Bebchuk

Michael Glazer '86

Panelist John Geanakoplos

Robert Todd Lang '47 and YLS Prof. and Center Director Roberta Romano '80

YLS Prof. Richard Brooks