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Roundtable: March 26, 2010 Panel III Reading Materials

The Weil, Gotshal & Manges Roundtable at Yale Law School

March 26, 2010

Reading Materials for Panel III: Corporate Criminal Liability from Inside the Board Room

1. Jennifer Arlen, “Removing Prosecutors from the Boardroom: Limiting Prosecutorial Discretion to Impose Structural Reforms.” (forthcoming in Prosecutors in the Board Room: Using Criminal Law to Regulate Corporate Conduct)

2. Ben W. Heineman, Jr., "Avoiding Integrity Land Mines"

3. Ben W. Heineman, Jr., "Forthcoming chapter in European book on global general counsel."

4. Ben W. Heineman, Jr., "In the Beginning"

5. Ben W. Heineman, Jr., "Before You Sign Up"

6. Ben W. Heineman, Jr., "Caught in the Middle"

7. Larry B. Thompson, "The Blameless Corporation"