Course Of Study

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Course Of Study

Students in the program spend their first year at the Law School, their second year at both the School of Management and the Law School, and theirthird year at the Law School. A subset of the required core courses in the Fall term of the second yearare multiple-titled in the two schools and count toward both degree requirements.There is a special extension of the Negotiations core course for students enrolled in the program. In the second term at SOM, students enroll in one law school course of their choosing, in addition to their SOM courses.There is a faculty adviser for students in the program at both schools. The YLS advisorprovides counselregarding students' law school course of study in the third year.
Year in program Fall


First year
YLS required 1st term (16 units).

YLS (12 -16 units).

Second year

Multiple-titled Law core courses (12 units); additional SOM core courses

SOM core courses (12 units); additional SOMelectives; YLS (2, 3 or 4 units).

Third year

YLS (14-16 units).

YLS (14-16 units).

Students interested in providing potential employers information about this unique program are encouraged to include theAccelerated Integrated JD-MBA Course Explanation with their employment application materials.

Note: Units indicate the number of Law School course credits taken per semester to fulfill the JD degree requirements.

Students must complete the required courses for each program. (A complete description of required courses can be found on the YLS and SOM websites).