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Business Law Curriculum at Yale

Business Law Courses

The course offerings in business law at Yale are wide-ranging and interdisciplinary. In addition to developing familiarity with the institutional landscape covered in core substantive law courses, students considering pursuing careers as transaction lawyers or corporate litigators need to master the basic analytical skills of financial accounting, finance, microeconomics and statistics. The Law School offers courses in financial accounting and finance on a regular basis. Law students can enroll in the following Yale College or School of Management (SOM) courses which also cover that material, as well as courses in microeconomics and statistics: Financial Accounting 170 (which covers comparable material to that covered in the law school course, "Legal Accounting"); Management 541 (SOM) or Economics 251a; Economics 115 or 121 (microeconomics); Economics 131 or Statistics 100, 101, 102 or 103 (statistics). For Professor Romano's perspective on the implications of the transformation of corporate law scholarship and practice, by the introduction of economics and finance into the field, click here.

Yale Law School Bulletin

Advanced Community and Economic Development Clinic. 1 to 3 units. A.S. Lemar and C.F. Muckenfuss III

Advanced Competition, Economics and Policy. 3 units. F. Scott Morton

Advanced Deals Workshop: Public Company M&A. 3 units. E.S. Robinson

Advanced Issues in Capital Markets: Role of Counsel for Issuers and Underwriters in an Initial Public Offering. 2 units. C.B. Brod and A. Fleisher

Advocacy in International Arbitration. 2 units. J.J. Buckley, Jr., and C.J. Mahoney

Antitrust. 4 units. G.L. Priest

Antitrust: Directed Research. Units to be arranged. G.L. Priest

Bankruptcy. 4 units. A. Schwartz

Behavioral and Institutional Economics. 3 units. R.J. Shiller.

Business Organizations. 4 units. J.D. Morley

Business Organizations. 4 units. R. Romano

Business Organizations. 4 units. J.R. Macey

Capital Markets. 3 units. G. Gorton

The Changing Health Care Industry. 1 unit. A.R. Gluck, M. Hall, M. Ulrich, and M. Wulff

Community and Economic Development Clinic and Fieldwork. 4 units. A.S. Lemar and C.F. Muckenfuss III

Corporate Crisis Management. 2 units. H.L. Coleman, M. Trevino, and M.M. Wiseman

Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy. 3 units. D.C. Esty and M.R. Chertow

Corporate Finance. 3 units. H. Tookes

Corporate Taxation. 4 units. A.L. Alstott

Decision Making under Conditions of Uncertainty. 1 unit. R.C. Post and T. Collins

Drafting and Negotiating Merger and Acquisition Transactions. 2 units. S.S. Adler

Ethics in Law and Markets. 3 units. G. Fleming and J.R. Macey

Federal Income Taxation. 4 units. Y. Listokin

Federal Income Taxation. 4 units. D.M. Schizer

Financial Markets and Corporate Law Clinic. 3 units. J.R. Macey, B.L. Beirne, and G. Fleming

Financial Reporting: A Legal Perspective. 3 units. R. Antle and S.J. Garstka

Global Inside Counsel: The Challenges of an In-House Lawyer in an Increasingly Integrated World. 2 units. M.S. Solender

In-House Lawyering: Ethics and Professional Responsibility. 3 units. B.T. Daly

International Arbitration: Seminar. 2 units. A. Stone Sweet

International Business Transactions. 4 units. A. Chua

International Commercial Arbitration. 2 units. W.M. Reisman, Y. Banifatemi, and E. Gaillard

International Investment Law. 2 units. W.M. Reisman and G. Aguilar-Alvarez

International Trade Law. 4 units. D.S. Grewal

Investment Funds: Regulation and Structure. 2 units. J.D. Morley

Law, Economics, and Organization. 1 unit. C. Jolls

Law and Economics Research Seminar. 3 units. A.K. Klevorick

Law and Macroencomics. 1 to 3 units. Y. Listokin

The Law and Regulation of Banks and Other Financial Intermediaries. 2 or 3 units. J.R. Macey

Nonprofit Organizations Clinic. 1 or 2 units. J.G. Simon, M. Agsten, L.N. Davis, and B.B. Lindsay

Quantitative Corporate Finance. 3 units. I. Ayres

Reading Cases in Corporate Law. 2 units. J.G. Deutsch

The Robber Barons Reconsidered. 3 units. G.L. Priest

Securities Regulation. 3 units. J.D. Morley

Specialized Legal Research in Corporate Law. 1 unit. S.B. Kauffman and M. Chisholm

Start-Ups and the Law. 2 units. W. Breeze, D.A. Goldberg, and C. Lynch

U.S. International Taxation. 3 units. J.M. Samuels

White-Collar Criminal Defense: Critical Issues and Strategies. 3 units. D.M. Zornow

Working with Intellectual Property: Patents and Trade Secrets. 2 units. V.A. Cundiff

For further information on courses at Yale Law School, view the Yale Law School Bulletin.