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Yale Law Professors Establish Website to Encourage Tax Cut Givebacks

Yale Law School professors Daniel Markovits ’00 and Jacob Hacker, along with Cornell law professor Robert Hockett ’03 LLM ’06 JSD, are encouraging Americans to give back the tax cuts just approved by Congress by making donations to organizations that “promote fairness, economic growth, and a vibrant middle class.”

The website they’ve created,, enables visitors to the site to calculate what their tax cut would be, choose a charity, and donate their tax cut amount to that charity.

“The goal of the website is to provide a way for ordinary Americans to put their money where their mouth is and help individuals and organizations who will be harmed by the recent vote to extend the tax cuts,” say the professors. “Donors can pledge their money to support the kinds of programs that will help families, create jobs, and set the country moving toward a just prosperity.” 

Daniel Markovits is the Guido Calabresi Professor of Law at Yale Law School. Jacob S. Hacker is the Stanley Resor Professor of Political Science at Yale University and Professor (Adjunct) of Law at Yale Law School. Robert C. Hockett is Professor of Law at Cornell University Law School.