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Exhibition at Law Library – From Legal Pads to iPads – Highlights Yale’s Outstanding Legal Scholarship

Using quills, fountain pens, pencil stubs and bics, typewriters and word processors, legal pads and iPads, the Yale Law faculty has a long, distinguished history of producing pathbreaking and influential legal scholarship. That scholarship is now available to anyone, anywhere in the world with access to the Web thanks to the Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository. The repository is an online, open access website containing almost all past and present Yale faculty legal scholarship. It is recognized as one of the most valuable free portals to legal scholarship available on the Internet.

That impressive repository is the focus of a wonderful new multimedia exhibition running throughout the fall in the Lillian Goldman Law Library. Curated by Julian Aiken and Fred Shapiro, “From Legal Pads to iPads: An Exhibition of Great Yale Legal Scholarship” celebrates the Yale Law School Legal Scholarship Repository and the continuing brilliance of Yale Law faculty scholarship. Current law faculty members whose articles are exhibited include Ian Ayres ’86, Guido Calabresi ’58, William Eskridge ’78, and Owen Fiss. Past professors included are Alexander Bickel, Thomas Emerson ’31, Charles Reich ’52, and Fred Rodell ’31. The articles, although just a sample of the classic Yale Law School-produced writings, encompass some of the most influential pieces in all of legal scholarship as measured by citation counts.

The exhibit is located in the Lillian Goldman Law Library Reading Room on L3 and runs through Dec. 22. It can be viewed during normal library hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30-10:00, Friday, 8:30-6:00, Saturday, 10-5, and Sunday, 10-8. It is free and open to the public.