Foundations of International Income Taxation

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Foundations of International Income Taxation

"Foundations of International Income an important contribution to the growing literature on international taxation...The book serves two important functions: It presents the traditional "canon" of US international tax literature in one place and, at the same time, brings a fresh approach to the issues. Discussions of international tax policy have too often been restricted to the "preisthood" of those specialized in the area, and it is refreshing to have a new voice examining some of the basic issues."
--Hugh Ault in The Bulletin of Fiscal Documentation

"Until now, there has been no right-sized and accesible volume that provides the necessary framework and context for the teaching, study and practice of international tax. Professor Michael Graetz's Foundations of International Income Taxation remedies that shortcoming...At the end of his treatment of various reform proposals, Professor Graetz' parting words are: "The 'smart money' would bet on the continuation of the current system, despite its considerable drawbacks." At around $30, my "smart money" says Foundations of International Income Taxation will be a mainstay for teachers, students and practitioners, taking its place alongside similar works on other areas of tax by Marvin Chirelstein and Boris Bitker."
--Fred Goldberg in The Journal of Taxation