The U.S. Income Tax

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The U.S. Income Tax

Praise for The U.S. Income Tax:

"Graetz's common a breath of fresh air...Well worth reading."
--Kirkus Reviews

"An insightful, anecdote-filled account of our tax system."
--Nicholas F. Brady, former Secretary of the Treasury

"Graetz [proposes a tax plan] that accomplishes the two most needed objectives; simplicity for the vast majority of taxpayers and a fair, progressive burden for the rest."
--Phillip K. Howard, author of The Death of Common Sense

"Mr. Graetz brings a dry subject to life with funny anecdotes and clear examples...A good handbook for congressional activists who aspire to do more than nibble around the edges of the income tax."
--Steve Charnowitz, Journal of Commerce

"A 'must read' for all students of taxation."
--Thomas R. Pope, Journal of the American Taxation Association

"Enjoyable and even entertaining...[I]t explains, in always understandable and often amusing style, what went wrong with our present income tax."
--Leonard Podolin, The Tax Advisor