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Ayres and Klass Receive Scribes Book Award

Insincere Promises: The Law of Misrepresented Intent, co-authored by Prof. Ian Ayres '86 and Gregory Klass '02, recently won the Scribes Book Award. Ayres is the William K. Townsend Professor of Law at Yale Law School.  Klass is an associate professor of law at Georgetown.

Insincere Promises is the first book ever devoted to the analysis of the oft-litigated, but rarely discussed doctrine of promissory fraud. Ayres and Klass explore what promises say from the perspectives of philosophy, economics, and the law. They identify four chief mistakes that courts make in promissory fraud cases. And they offer a theory for how courts and practitioners should handle promissory fraud cases.

Scribes–the American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects is a national society of judges, lawyers, law professors, legal publishers, writers, and editors dedicated to improving legal writing. The Scribes Book Award has been awarded annually since 1961 to honor the best work of legal scholarship published in the previous year.