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Benjamin Shmueli

Senior Research Scholar in Law
Benjamin Shmueli is a Senior Research Scholar in Law at Yale Law School. Since 2010, he has been an Associate Professor at Bar-Ilan University Law School and Director of the Commercial Law Center. During 2006-2008 he served as a Visiting Professor of Law at the Duke University School of Law. He teaches courses and seminars on tort law, risks and chances, domestic torts, domestic violence, and government contracts. He has published over 30 articles in the U.S. and Israel in these areas, in publications including: Harvard Negotiation Law Review.; Law & Contemp. Problems, Columbia Human Rights L. Rev.; Columbia J. Gender & L.; Yale Law Journal of Law & The Humanities; Berkeley Journal of Gender; Duke Journal of Gender, Law & Policy; Vanderbilt J. Transnat'l L.; Boston Univ. Int'l L.J.; Emory Int'l L. Rev.; Jewish L. Annual (Boston Univ.); and leading Israeli Law Journals.

Ph.D., Bar-Ilan University, 2005
LL.B/LL.M., Bar-Ilan University, 1998