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The China Center

The China Center is the primary home for activities related to China at the Law School. The cornerstone of these activities is The China Law Center, established in 1999. In recent years, The China Center has expanded its work to issues of U.S.-China relations more generally. 
The China Law Center

The China Law Center is a unique institution dedicated to helping promote China’s legal reforms and increasing understanding of China in the United States. In interaction with research and teaching, the core of the center’s work is designing and carrying out sustained, in-depth cooperative projects between U.S. and Chinese experts on key issues in Chinese law and policy reform, with the goal of having a positive impact on China’s reform process. Cooperative projects have focused particularly on issues of judicial reform, criminal justice reform, administrative and regulatory reform, constitutional law, and public interest law. Projects involve a range of activities, including workshops and seminars in the United States and China, research visits to Yale and to China, and books or articles by Chinese or U.S. scholars. 

U.S. – China Relations

Over the past several years, The China Center has expanded its work to issues of U.S.-China relations. The Center undertakes research on this subject, hosts fellows and speakers, and collaborates with others within Yale University undertaking work on U.S.-China relations. The focal point of recent activities has been a Dialogue on U.S.-China Relations undertaken in partnership with the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, led on the U.S. side by center director Paul Gewirtz. 

Professor Paul Gewirtz is the Director of The China Center. 
Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer in Law Jamie Horsley is the Executive Director of The China Law Center. 


Professor Gewirtz Named to Foreign Policy Magazine’s Pacific Power Index

Paul Gewirtz, Potter Stewart Professor of Constitutional Law and Director of The China Center at Yale Law School, has been named to Foreign Policy magazine’s Pacific Power Index, a list of “50 people shaping the future of the U.S.-China relationship.”

"Gewirtz was named to the list for “shaping Chinese lawmaking from America’s Ivy League.”

“The legal scholar Paul Gewirtz probably did not set out to become a back-channel diplomat when he joined the Clinton administration for a one-year stint in 1997 as a special representative at the State Department advising on rule-of-law issues,” states the magazine. “But since then, he has championed unofficial outreach and helped establish Track II dialogue on U.S.-China relations. And the quietly influential China Center he directs, established in 1999, has promoted legal reform and brought U.S. legal expertise to bear on shaping how Chinese laws are written.”

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