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Lincoln's Code (The Free Press, 2012)
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—Winner of the Bancroft Prize
—Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in History
—American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award
New York Times Notable Book for 2012
New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice
—Willard Hurst Prize from the Law & Society Association 
—Watson-Brown Prize from the Society of Civil War Historians
Kirkus Reviews Best of 2012
—Scribes Book Award from the American Society of Legal Writers

Patriots and Cosmopolitans: Hidden Histories of American Law (Harvard University Press, 2007)

The Accidental Republic: Crippled Workingmen, Destitute Widows, and the Remaking of American Law (Harvard University Press, 2004)

—William Nelson Cromwell Prize from the American Society for Legal History History
—J. Willard Hurst Book Prize from the Law and Society Association
—Thomas J. Wilson Prize at Harvard University Press for best book by a first-time author
—Firestone Library Noteworthy Book in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics
—(Chinese edition of The Accidental Republic, Lei Tian, trans., Shanghai Joint Publishing Co., 2008)