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Yair Listokin

Shibley Family Fund Professor of Law (on leave, spring 2016)
Yair Listokin is the Shibley Family Fund Professor of Law at Yale Law School. His scholarship examines problems in tax law, corporate law, contract law, and bankruptcy law from both empirical and theoretical perspectives. Professor Listokin has been honored with a Milton Friedman Fellowship from the Becker-Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago and has served as a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School, Harvard Law School, and NYU School of Law. His research has been featured in Fortune,, The Boston Globe, and Slate. Recent research projects include an empirical inquiry into the quality and accuracy of disclosure of corporate voting results, a theoretical inquiry into the impact of taxation on the size of the financial sector, and an empirical study of consumer’s implicit understandings of the meaning of contractual silence.

J.D., Yale, 2005
Ph.D., Princeton, 2002
M.A., Princeton, 2000
A.B., Harvard, 1998

Courses Taught
Colloquium on Contemporary Issues in Law and Business
Law, Economics, and Organization


Appendixes and Single Filer Rate Brackets for "The Metric System of State Income Taxes," State Tax Notes (2014)