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Curriculum Vitae



2005 to present

John M. Duff Professor of Law, Yale University  (course areas include contracts, international business transactions, law and development, globalization, and ethnic conflict)

2001 to 2005
Professor of Law, Yale University

Fall 2000
Visiting Professor of Law, NYU School of Law

Spring 2000
Visiting Professor of Law, Stanford University

Fall 1999
Visiting Professor of Law, Columbia University

Professor of Law, Duke University

Associate Professor of Law, Duke University

Associate, Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton
New York City (worked on privatization of Teléfonos de México and numerous international transactions throughout Asia, Europe,
and Latin America)

Law Clerk to Chief Judge Patricia M. Wald
U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
Washington, DC


Harvard Law School, J.D. 1987
Cum Laude
Executive Editor, Harvard Law Review

Harvard College, A.B. 1984
Magna Cum Laude, Economics
Phi Beta Kappa
John Harvard Scholar
Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Scholar

El Cerrito High School, 1980


THE TRIPLE PACKAGE: HOW UNLIKELY TRAITS EXPLAIN THE RISE AND FALL OF CULTURAL GROUPS, coauthored with Jed Rubenfeld (The Penguin Press, forthcoming Feb. 2014)

BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER (The Penguin Press, 2011) (New York Times bestseller, translated into 30 languages)


WORLD ON FIRE: HOW EXPORTING FREE MARKET DEMOCRACY BREEDS ETHNIC HATRED AND GLOBAL INSTABILITY (Doubleday, 2003) (made the New York Times and Business Week bestseller lists; selected by both The Economist and The Guardian as one of the Best Books of 2003; featured on C-Span’s Booknotes and PBS’s The Jim Lehrer News Hour; translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Finnish, and Spanish)

Major Articles:  

A World on the Edge, THE WILSON QUARTERLY (Autumn 2002)

The Paradox of Free Market Democracy: Rethinking Development Policy, 41 HARV. INT’L L. J.  287 (2000)

Markets, Democracy, and Ethnicity: Toward A New Paradigm For Law and Development, 108 YALE L.J.  1 (1998) – translated into Spanish, by Instituto Nacional Indigenista, Mexico City

The Privatization-Nationalization Cycle: The Link Between Markets and Ethnicity in Developing Countries, 95 COLUM. L. REV. 223 (1995) – excerpted in RUMU SAKAR, DEVELOPMENT LAW AND INTERNATIONAL FINANCE (1999)

Chapters in Books:  

“Asian Immigration: Becoming American,” in David Halberstam, ed., DEFINING A NATION: THE REMARKABLE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT SHAPED THE AMERICAN CHARACTER (National Geographic Tehabi Books, forthcoming, October 2003)

“Markets, Democracy, and Ethnicity,” in Sunder Ramaswamy and Jeff Cason eds., DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY (University Press of New England, 2002)

“Markets, Democracy, and Ethnicity,” in Arthur Rosett, Lucie Cheng, and Margaret Woo eds., EAST ASIAN LAW: UNIVERSAL NORMS AND LOCAL CULTURES (RoutledgeCurzon, 2002)

Other Publications:  

Making the World Safe for Markets, HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW (August 2003)

Power and Prejudice: Globalizing Hate, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL (June 2003)

Depoliticizing Ethnicity, 48 AM. J. COMP. L. 181 (Winter 2000) (reviewing Michael E. Brown & Sumit Ganguly eds., GOVERNMENT POLICIES AND ETHNIC RELATIONS IN ASIA AND THE PACIFIC ( 1997))

Global Capitalism and Nationalist Backlash: The Link Between Markets and Ethnicity, 9 TRANS. L. & CONTEMP. PROBS. (1999)

The Constitutionality of the INS Sham Marriage Investigation Policy, 99 HARV.L. REV. 1238 (1986) (student note)


Professor Chua has lectured widely around the world, including at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, and The Aspen Institute. She has appeared on televisions programs such Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Colbert Report, Charlie Rose, The Lehrer News Hour, and Real Time With Bill Maher, and her writings have been published in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Forbes, and the Financial Times. In 2011 Professor Chua was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people, one of the Atlantic Monthly’s Brave Thinkers, and one of Foreign Policy’s Global Thinkers. She is also a two-time recipient of the Yale Law School’s “Best Teaching” award.