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Curriculum Vitae

Henry Hansmann

Yale Law School
127 Wall Street
New Haven, CT 06511

(203) 432-4966
(203) 432-4177 fax



Oscar M. Ruebhausen Professor of Law, Yale Law School, from 2011; Lines Professor, 2004-2011; Harris Professor, 1988-2003; Professor, 1983-88; Visiting Professor, 1982-83

George T. Lowy Professor of Law, New York University School of Law, 2003-04.  Visiting Professor, Spring 2000, 1996-97

Visiting Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, 1991-92

Associate Professor of Law, Economics, and Public Policy, University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1981-83; Assistant Professor, 1975-81


Ph.D. (Economics), 1978, Yale University

J.D., 1974, Yale Law School

B.A., 1967, Brown University

Fellowships and Awards:

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, 1985-86



The Ownership of Enterprise (Harvard University Press, 1996)

The Anatomy of Corporate Law:  A Functional and Comparative Analysis (with Reinier Kraakman, Paul Davies, Gerard Hertig, Klaus Hopt, Hideki Kanda, and Edward Rock) (Oxford University Press, second edition, 2009)


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Working Papers:

“Virtual Ownership and Managerial Distance:  The Governance of Industrial Foundations” (2013) (with Steen Thomsen)

“Firm Ownership:  The Legacy of Grossman and Hart” (2011)