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Innovations in Policing Clinic

The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Executive Session on Police Leadership is composed of law enforcement leaders, researchers and other stakeholders who have chosen to address issues of importance related to police leadership in the 21st century.

One team is devoted to trust and collaboration between police departments and the communities in which they work — in particular, disadvantaged communities where historic mistrust may hinder collective efforts at security. This is an issue of great importance to police leaders and community leaders alike, because the project of developing safe and healthy communities requires significant investment in open communication between police and residents.

As part of this task, the Yale Law School’s Innovations in Policing Clinic spent a year looking for examples of innovation within police departments in the area of trust and collaboration. We aimed to learn from departments that have successfully developed practices designed to foster productive relationships between law enforcement and communities, and we sought to highlight these practices as potential models for future development.

The full report is available here.