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Curriculum Vitae


A.B.   Dartmouth College, 1959

J.D.   University of Chicago, 1963


1970-Present  Yale Law School, New Haven, CT. Instructor, supervisor and administrator in law student clinical program serving the urban poor, children, prisoners, refugees, and persons with disabilities. Courses taught: Trial Practice; Evidence; Legal Ethics; Disability; Immigration; Housing and Community Development; Homelessness; Landlord-Tenant; Poverty Law; Legal Assistance; Community Lawyering, Child Advocacy; Law and Urban Problems (undergraduate); The Child, Law and Society (undergraduate).

2009-Present William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law Emeritus and Professorial Lecturer

1989-2009 William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law

1989-91 Clinical Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Studies

1981-89 Professor (Adjunct) of Law and Director of Clinical Studies

1977-81 Professor (Adjunct) of Law and Supervising Attorney

1973-77 Lecturer-in-Law and Supervising Attorney

1970-73 Instructor-in-Law and Supervising Attorney

1967-70 Staff Attorney (1967-68), Managing Attorney (1968-70), Mobilization for Youth Legal Services, New York,   New York

1966-67  Staff Attorney, Center on Social Welfare Policy and Law,
Columbia University, New York, New York

1963-66  Trial Attorney, Criminal Division,
United States Department of Justice,
Washington, D.C.


2011-Present  Member, Editorial Board, Connecticut Law Tribune

2009-Present  Chair, International Advisory Committee, Haifa University Law School Clinics

2009-Present  Member, Advisory Council, Al-Quds University Human Rights Clinic

2001-Present  Advisor, Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law Clinical Program

1994-Present  Member, Board of Directors, LEAP (Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership), New Haven, CT

1994-Present  Member, Board of Directors, and (since 1996) Vice-President, Benhaven School, West Haven, CT

1981-Present  Examiner (1981-92), Member, Board of Directors (1987- present) and     (since 1992) Dean, Examination Committee, National Board of Trial Advocacy


Member, Board of Directors, (1995-96, Secretary; 1997-2004 Vice President) Hill Cooperative Youth Services, Inc., New Haven, CT; Member, Board of Directors New Haven Civil Liberties Union; Clifford Beers Child Guidance Clinic; New Haven Jewish Community Center; Ezra Academy; Member, Long Range Planning and Budget and Allocation Committees, New Haven Jewish Federation; Steering Committee, American Bar Association Representation of the Homeless Project; Instructor, Connecticut Valley Hospital Psychiatric Residency Training Program, Middletown, Connecticut; Member, Committee on Development of Opportunities for Minority Lawyers and Pro Bono Committee, New Haven County Bar Association; Member, Board of Directors, Treasurer (1993-98) and Financial Secretary (1991-92), Congregation Beth El Keser Israel; Member, Child Placement Conflict Consulting Group, Yale Child Study Center; Member, Board of Directors, President and Chairman of the Board (1990-92), Connecticut Legal Rights Project; Member, Board of Governors, Society of American Law Teachers (1996-2002); Special Master, Regional Family Trial Docket, Superior Court, Middletown, CT (1994-2014); Member, Criminal Justice Act Advisory Committee, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (2003-2015)


2013 Community Advocate Award, Junta for Progressive Action, New Haven, CT

2009 “Great Teacher” Award, Society of American Law Teachers

2008 Distinguished Alumnus Award, Highland Park (Illinois) High School

2001 Appointed Sackler Professor of Law (Special Appointment), Tel Aviv University Faculty  of Law

1999 Pioneer of Legal Services Award, MFY Legal Services

1999 Theodore I. Koskoff Award for Outstanding Contributions to Trial Law Specialization  and Certification, National Board of Trial Advocacy

1998 William Pincus Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Legal Education,  Section of Clinical Legal Education, Association of American Law Schools

1994 Connecticut Law Tribune Award for Distinguished Service to the State Bar

1988 Charles J. Parker Legal Services Award, Connecticut Bar Association

1985 Richard S. Jacobson Trial Advocacy Teaching Award, Roscoe Pound American Trial  Lawyers Foundation


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District of Columbia 1964

New York 1967

Connecticut 1971

United States District Courts:
District of Columbia 1964
Southern District of New York 1970
District of Connecticut 1971

United States Courts of Appeals:
District of Columbia Circuit 1964
Second Circuit 1971

United States Tax Court 1974

United States Supreme Court 1975