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YLS Awarded Grant to Establish Kauffman Program in Law, Economics and Entrepreneurship

Yale Law School has received a $735,000 grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to support the creation of the Kauffman Program in Law, Economics and Entrepreneurship at Yale Law School. The grant names Yale Law Professor George L. Priest as a Kauffman Distinguished Research Scholar in Law, Economics, and Entrepreneurship and will support his work reenergizing the field of law and economics by focusing on how legal institutions can promote entrepreneurship and economic growth.

“This marvelous grant from the Kauffman Foundation is designed to help reenergize and redirect the field of law and economics,” said Professor Priest. “Over the past four decades—led by, among others, Yale’s Guido Calabresi, law and economics has dramatically transformed our understanding of the legal system in the U.S. and around the world, in particular by the much greater attention given to the economic effects of legal rules and institutions. Law and economics is now central to the curriculum of every major law school. Indeed, Yale is far in the lead with eight Ph.D. economists and ten lawyers whose principal interest is law and economics on the permanent faculty. The Kauffman Program at Yale Law School aspires to move the field even further forward by studying and developing the role of law in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in order to advance world-wide economic growth.”

The grant is part of Kauffman’s $10 million Law, Innovation and Growth initiative to support research by leading legal and economic scholars on how best to shape the U.S. legal system so that it promotes innovation and growth. It provides for wide-ranging legal research; legal fellowships for new faculty; and seminars at leading law schools.
George Priest