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Jack [“Rusty”] O’Kelley ’92

Jack “Rusty” O’Kelley ’92 still marvels at the people he met and worked with when he was a Yale Law School student.

Not only did he make some of his “best lifelong friends” during his time in New Haven — people with whom he still keeps in regular contact — but, he says, his career has been directly shaped by the personal interest that professors took in students. “Despite the great stature and reputations of so many of these professors, they were approachable; they took time for you and made you feel that you could achieve whatever you desired.”

As a principal at Katzenbach Partners, where he has been since 2001, O’Kelley serves as a management consultant, with a focus on corporate strategy, organizational transformation, and senior team effectiveness. “Being able to work closely with people like Ralph Winter and Drew Days — and have them take you seriously — builds confidence and maturity at an early age,” he says — “invaluable in a field where I am acting as a trusted advisor to senior management.”

O’Kelley contributes both money and time to the Law School. He served as president  of the Yale Law School Association of Washington, D.C.  for two years and as a member of the YLS Alumni Association and its planned giving committee. 

“I am deeply grateful to the Law School and for how it set me up for success,” O’Kelley says. “More than just legal knowledge, it taught us critical thinking skills and helped instill a set of values  — not just to be bystanders but to participate actively in the world. I want to make those opportunities available for other people.”