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Pat Geoghegan ’74

Pat Geoghegan ’74 gets a kick out of fund-raising.

A class agent since she was three years out of law school — “That was a great way to keep up with members of my class and to get to know many of them better,” she says — Geoghegan went on to become the Yale Law School Fund chair and gift chair or co-chair for her 20th, 25th, and 30th class reunions. She is now a lifetime member of the Fund board of directors.  

Geoghegan began her legal career as an associate in the tax department of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP,  and has remained with that firm, becoming partner and then co-head of the tax department, in charge of the executive compensation and benefits subgroup. She is one of twelve women among the firm’s 90 or so partners.

“Years ago,” Geoghegan says, “I saw a Wall Street Journal cartoon. Underneath a picture of a little girl tucked into bed with her mother reading her a bedtime story, the caption was, ‘Then she got a job and lived happily ever after.’ That’s exactly how I feel.”

She continues, “I have an interesting and satisfying life due in large part to the schools I went to. I love being a lawyer, and Yale put me on that path. I also enjoy helping young associates mature as attorneys.” Geohegan is especially involved with activities that help keep the firm  a comfortable and welcoming place for women.

“When I was asked to do fund-raising for the Law School I said ‘yes’ because I was so happy to be a lawyer and wanted to give back something,” she says. “What I learned is that by keeping you in touch with classmates and the school, fund-raising enriches your life.”