Giving to YLS

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Giving to YLS

An enduring notion at Yale Law School is that every lawyer is a trustee for the common good. A YLS education is rooted in a commitment to academic excellence, egalitarianism, and intellectual intimacy. This commitment requires that we forego the larger class sizes that are the easy route to increased revenues, and that we welcome those students who have the most to gain from this place, and the most to give to it, regardless of their means.

Our students become expert practitioners and renowned scholars, ambassadors, and Supreme Court justices. They do groundbreaking work in emerging fields such as environmental law and international human rights.

Your gift can support an unparalleled array of academic programs and legal services, nourish creativity in teaching and scholarship, promote research, and assist students and recent graduates.

Read more on why to give to Yale Law School.

Read more about an extraordinary gift commitment announced on Nov. 7, 2013 that will return residential living to Yale Law School.


“You have an obligation to help those who need help to get their education.”
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