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General Purpose & Research Funds

Simeon E. Baldwin Fund (1927) Bequest of Simeon E. Baldwin, B.A. 1861.

Burton H. Brody Fund (1998) Gift from Burton H. Brody, B.S. 1945W, J.D. 1950.

Shirley Oakes Butler Fund (1987) Bequest of Shirley Oakes Butler, LL.B. 1954.

Ann F. Cudahy Fund for Law and Business Policy (1975) Gift from the Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund, in memory of the wife of Richard D. Cudahy, LL.B. 1955, president of the fund. To support teaching, research, and special programs in law and business policy.

Sherman Day Fund (1948) Bequest of Sherman Day, B.A. 1896.

Harold Depew Fund (1966) Gift from Harold Depew, LL.B. 1906.

Albert B. Dick Fund (1921, 1923, 1927) Gift from Albert B. Dick, of Chicago. Income available for the general purposes of the Law School.

Timothy Dwight Fund (1899) Gift from President Timothy Dwight.

Eugene Phelps Edwards Fund (1939) Bequest of Eugene Phelps Edwards.

Gregg L. Engles ’82 Fund (2008) Established by a gift from Gregg L. Engles, J.D. 1982, for the general support of the Law School.

Martin F. Ernst Fund (1960) Bequest of Martin F. Ernst.

Faculty Memorial Fund (2009) Established by gifts from faculty, friends, and relatives in memory of deceased Yale Law School faculty members.

Allen B. Forbes Fund (1921) Gift from Allen B. Forbes, LL.B. 1888.

Gerald R. Ford Program in Law and Public Policy (1980) In honor of President Gerald R. Ford, LL.B. 1941, a program of teaching and research in law and public policy.

Robert J. Giuffra, Jr. Fund for the Study of Corporate and Securities Law (2013) Established by Robert J. Giuffra, Jr.,  J.D. 1987, in honor of his 25th Reunion to support the study of corporate and securities law at Yale Law School.

Sol and Lillian Goldman Deanship at Yale Law School (2004) Established by a gift from the Sol Goldman Charitable Trust and the Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust to support the deanship. The sitting dean shall be known as the Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law.

Goldman Fund for International Initiatives at Yale Law School (2005) Established by a gift from Lloyd M. and Victoria A. Goldman to support international programming at Yale Law School.

Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Fund for International Initiatives (2006) Established by the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation to support globalization initiatives at the Law School.

Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Fund II (2008) Established by the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation to be used for general support.

Charles E. Hodgdon Fund (1969) Bequest of Ernest F. Hodgdon, LL.B. 1909, son of Charles E. Hodgdon.

Harvey L. Karp Student Initiative Fund (1997) An endowment established by Harvey L. Karp, LL.B. 1952, to support imaginative student organization activities.

Robert Todd Lang ’47 Fund for the Study of Corporate and Commercial Law (1994) Established by Robert Todd Lang, augmented by friends, classmates, and graduates of Yale Law School interested in corporate and commercial law.

William W. Meyer Fund (1969) Bequest of William W. Meyer, M.A. 1912, LL.B. 1915.

James T. Moran Fund (1937) Bequest of James T. Moran, LL.B. 1884.

Deborah L. Rhode Fund for Public Interest and Pro Bono Service (2005) Established by a gift from Deborah L. Rhode, B.A. 1974, J.D. 1977, for students interested in pro bono or public interest opportunities.

Jonathan P. Rosen ’70 Fund for Faculty Support (2004) Established by a gift from Jonathan P. Rosen, J.D. 1970, for the general support of Yale Law School faculty.

Alfred E. Rosenhirsch Fund (1958) Gift from Alfred E. Rosenhirsch, B.A. 1925, LL.B. 1927, income to be used for general support.

Oscar M. Ruebhausen Professor Research Support (2005) Established by a bequest of Oscar M. Ruebhausen, LL.B. 1937 to support the Oscar M. Ruebhausen Professorship.

Donald Schapiro (B.A ’45, J.D. ’49) Faculty Fund (2014) Established by a gift from Linda Schapiro and friends, in memory of Donald Schapiro, B.A 1945, J.D. 1949, to support the faculty at Yale Law School.

Shibley Family Fund (1995) Established through a generous bequest from the late Raymond N. Shibley, LL.B. 1950, to support a faculty research fund devoted to aspects of post–World War II contracts law.

Harry Shulman Fund (1957) Bequest of Harry Shulman, M.A. Hon. 1937, a member of the faculty from 1930 to 1955 and dean of the Law School from 1954 to 1955.

John G. Simon Fund for Teaching and Research at Yale Law School (2007) Established by a gift from Robert C. Pozen, J.D. 1972, J.S.D. 1973, in honor of Professor John G. Simon, to support law and economics research, teaching, and related activities associated with the Law School.

John D. Spencer Fund (1961) Bequest of John D. Spencer, LL.B. 1911.

Harold G. and Brian R. Sterling Family Fund (2010) Established by a gift from Brian R. Sterling, J.D. 1985, and his father, Harold G. Sterling, J.D. 1954, for the general priorities of the Law School.

Streicker Fund for Student Research (1997) Endowment fund established by John H. Streicker, J.D. 1967, to provide support for student research or educational projects involving travel, with priority given to projects with international travel requirements, and to those of sufficient duration to allow the recipient the opportunity to become immersed in some portion of the cultural, legal, or governmental system of the destination country or region.

Thomas Thacher Fund (1922) Established by a gift from Thomas Day Thacher, B.A. 1904, in honor of his father, Thomas Thacher, B.A. 1871, and later increased by gifts from Mrs. Thomas Thacher and Mrs. Thomas D. Thacher.

George B. Thayer Fund (1941) Bequest of George B. Thayer, LL.B. 1897.

Cecil F. Travis (1972) Bequest of Cecil F. Travis, LL.B. 1926.

Gordon B. Tweedy Fund (1972) Gift from Gordon B. Tweedy, B.A. 1929, LL.B. 1932, income to be used to support faculty research and programs, particularly in private international law.

Stanley P. Wagman Fund (2005) Established by a gift from Harriett Gordon Wagman in memory of her husband, Stanley P. Wagman, J.D. 1954, for the general support of the Law School.

Wayland Memorial (1905) Gifts from friends of Francis Wayland, M.A. Hon. 1881.

Harry H. Wellington Dean’s Discretionary Fund for Faculty Support (2005) Established by a gift from Alan L. Wurtzel, LL.B. 1959, to support the faculty of Yale Law School.

The William B. Wolf, Jr. Fund on Women and the Law (2002) Established by Susan M. Wolf, J.D. 1980, her husband, Professor Gene Borgida, and their family in honor of her father, William B. Wolf, Jr., LL.B. 1951, to support research, scholarship, and programs on women and the law.