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Lectures & Fellowships

Robert P. Anderson Memorial Fellowship (1987) Established by former law clerks and friends in memory of Robert P. Anderson, B.A. 1927, LL.B. 1929, Senior Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The purpose of the fund is to provide for a visiting fellow in the area of professional responsibility, or in such other area as the Law School might designate.

Timothy B. Atkeson Environmental Practitioner in Residence (1995) Established in honor of Timothy B. Atkeson, LL.B. 1952, this program brings to the Law School practitioners from a variety of environmental law practice settings—including the government, the private bar, science and engineering firms, and environmental and international organizations—to lecture, teach seminars, and counsel students on career opportunities.

Robert L. Bernstein Fellowships in International Human Rights (1997) Established through the generous gifts of numerous individuals and organizations to honor Robert L. Bernstein, the former chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Random House, Inc., and the founder and chairman of Human Rights Watch. The Bernstein Fellowship is awarded annually to two or three Yale Law School graduates pursuing projects devoted to the advancement of human rights around the world.

Marvin A. Chirelstein Colloquium (2007) Established by a gift from Mark S. Campisano, J.D. 1980, to support a colloquium to be administered through the Center for the Study of Corporate Law.

Curtis-Wizner Fellowship Fund (2009) Established by gifts from Yale Law School alumni on celebrating Forty Years of Clinical Education at Yale Law School. The fund honors the program’s founders, Dennis E. Curtis, LL.B. 1966, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Law and Professorial Lecturer in Law, and Stephen Wizner, William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law and Supervising Attorney. To support the activities of the fellowship.

Ralph Gregory Elliot First Amendment Lectureship (1990) Funded by a gift from Ralph Gregory Elliot, B.A. 1958, LL.B. 1961, a practitioner and law school teacher in the field of First Amendment law, to provide for a lecture or lectures, preferably on an annual basis, on some aspect of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Heyman Federal Public Interest Fellowship Fund (1996) Established by a gift from the Samuel J. and Ronnie F. Heyman Philanthropic Fund. To provide support for recent Yale Law School graduates to work closely with high-level leaders in the federal government for one year, either through an existing position or through a “special assistantship.”

Joseph Goldstein Fellowship (2013) Established by a gift from the Ruttenberg Family to support a post-graduate fellowship at Yale Law School.

Arthur Allen Leff Fellowship (1983) Established in memory of Arthur Allen Leff, Southmayd Professor of Law. The fellowship brings to the Law School people whose work in other disciplines illuminates the study of law and legal institutions.

Arthur Liman Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program (2004) Established by a gift from Douglas Liman, in honor of Arthur L. Liman, LL.B. 1957, to nurture the spirit of public service and to support student summer employment.

Christopher Magorian Fund for Environmental Law and Policy (1989) Established by family, classmates, friends, and the law firm for which he worked, in memory of Christopher C. Magorian, J.D. 1985. The fund supports lectures, colloquia, and other scholarly presentations in the field of environmental law and policy.

Judge Jon O. Newman Lectureship (2008) Established by former law clerks and friends of Judge Jon O. Newman, L.L.B. 1956, on the occasion of his fiftieth Yale Law School reunion. The purpose of the fund is to support an annual lecture in global justice, or public international, human rights, or comparative law, by a distinguished individual who is not a citizen of, and does not reside in, the United States.

Robert H. Preiskel and Leon Silverman Program on the Practicing Lawyer and the Public Interest (1989) A fund established by the law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson in honor of Robert H. Preiskel, LL.B. 1948, and Leon Silverman, LL.B. 1948, to sponsor lectures and other events celebrating private lawyers’ contributions to the public interest.

John R. Raben/Sullivan & Cromwell Fund for Corporate Law Studies (1975) Established in memory of John R. Raben, LL.B. 1939, by a gift from the law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell and augmented by his friends to support the study and teaching of corporate law-related issues. Provides a fellowship to a person with a mature and highly developed skill pertinent to legal problems of the issuance, distribution, and trading of securities or of accounting for business enterprises, and will bring to the Law School an individual with the high qualities of intellect, integrity, and leadership exemplified by John R. Raben.

Irving S. Ribicoff Emerging Scholars Fund (1996) Established by a gift from Belle Ribicoff, wife of Irving S. Ribicoff, LL.B. 1939, to support the teaching and research activities associated with the Ribicoff Emerging Scholars Fellowship.

Sherrill Lectures (1927) This fund was established by a gift from General Charles Hitchcock Sherrill, B.A. 1889, LL.B. 1891. The income from this fund is made available to provide lectures on international law and relations.

Storrs Lectures (1889) Through the gift of the Misses Eliza T. and Mary A. Robinson in memory of their great-uncle, the Honorable William L. Storrs, B.A. 1814, at one time Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Errors of Connecticut and professor in the Law School, a fund was established to provide for a course of lectures dealing with fundamental problems of law and jurisprudence. These lectures are given by an American or foreign jurist or scholar who is not ordinarily a member of the regular faculty of the Law School.

James A. Thomas Lectures (1989) Established in honor of Dean James A. Thomas, LL.B. 1964, and his many years of service to the Law School, to provide for a lecture by a scholar whose work addresses the concerns of communities or groups currently marginalized within the legal academy or society at large.

Vivien Wei-Ying U Fund for Human Rights (1998) Established by a gift from Vivien Wei-Ying and Hoi Sang U, B.A. 1968, for the support of a Senior Fellow at the Schell Center.

Judge Ralph K. Winter Lectureship on Corporate Law and Governance Fund (2002) To support lectures on corporate law and governance and related topics, and a prize for the best student paper in law and economics.

Payson R. Wolff Lectureship in Law and Music (1997) Given by G.T.R. & B. Foundation and the Martin Gang Foundation in memory of Payson R. Wolff, J.D. 1954, a member of the Los Angeles law firm of Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, and a defining figure in the field of music and the law.