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Nathan Baker Professorship of Law (1981) A gift in honor of Nathan Baker, who dedicated fifty years of his life to the practice of trial advocacy, from Robert C. Baker and Gerald H. Baker, his sons, to establish a professorship for the teaching of trial advocacy, procedure, and evidence.

Simeon E. Baldwin Professorship (1896 and 1927) A gift and bequest of Professor Simeon E. Baldwin, B.A. 1861, for “a Professorship of Roman Law, Comparative Jurisprudence, or other branch of advanced legal education, as the faculty of the Law School may recommend.”

Alexander M. Bickel Professorship of Public Law (1979) Gifts from various individuals, news organizations, and others in memory of Sterling Professor Alexander M. Bickel, a member of the faculty from 1956 until his death in 1974.

Jacquin D. Bierman Professorship of Taxation (1998) A gift from Jacquin D. Bierman, J.D. 1937, a professor and scholarly entrepreneur in the field of taxation.

David Boies Professorship of Law (2003) Established in honor of David Boies, a member of the Yale Law School Class of 1966, distinguished trial and appellate lawyer, by his friends and partners. To be held by a member of the faculty of outstanding scholarly achievement whose writing, teaching, and public service exemplify the qualities of intelligence, imagination, and judgment that have been the hallmark of David Boies’s exceptional career in the law.

Guido Calabresi Professorship (2006) Established through a bequest of Ralph Gregory Elliot, B.A. 1958, LL.B. 1961, to honor Guido Calabresi, B.S. 1953, LL.B. 1958, M.A.Hon. 1962, former Dean of Yale Law School and respected jurist.

The George W. and Sadella D. Crawford Professorial Lectureship (1997) A fund supporting either a professorship, a fellowship, or a lectureship. Established through a generous bequest from Dr. Charlotte Crawford Watkins, Ph.D. 1937, of Washington, D.C., professor of English at Howard University, in memory of her father, George W. Crawford (LL.B. 1903), 1877–1972, a child of former slaves who became a founding signatory of the NAACP and a trustee of Talladega College. He was in addition one of Connecticut’s leading attorneys, serving as corporation counsel for the City of New Haven and judge on the New Haven Probate Court.

William Nelson Cromwell Fund (1949) Bequest of William Nelson Cromwell, Esq., of the New York bar, income to be used for the general purposes of the Law School. The fund currently supports a professorship.

Elizabeth K. Dollard Professorship of Law, Medicine, and Psychiatry (1990) Established by a gift from the Elizabeth K. Dollard Charitable Trust, in memory of Elizabeth K. Dollard, J.D. 1939, for teaching and research that explores the intersection of law, medicine, and psychiatry.

William O. Douglas Clinical Professorship of Law (1989) A gift from Mrs. Gordon B. Tweedy and Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy’s daughters, Clare Tweedy McMorris, Ann Tweedy, and Margot Tweedy, in memory of Gordon Bradford Tweedy, B.A. 1929, LL.B. 1932, on the occasion of the anniversaries of his graduation from Yale College and Yale Law School, and in honor of the Honorable William O. Douglas, M.A. 1932, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School and Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1939–75.

The John M. Duff, Jr. Professorship (2004) Established in recognition of gifts by John M. Duff, Jr., LL.B. 1966, founder of the private equity firm Duff Ackerman & Goodrich, based in San Francisco.

Allen Duffy/Class of 1960 Professorship (1990) Created through the generosity of David A. (J.D. 1960) and Betty Jones and members of the 1960 graduating class, on the occasion of their thirtieth reunion, to honor the memory of deceased classmate Allen Duffy, J.D. 1960, a highly respected New Haven practitioner.

Joseph M. Field 1955 Professorship of Law (2005) Established by a gift from Joseph M. Field, LL.B. 1955.

Macklin Fleming Professorship in Law (1999) Established by a bequest from Macklin Fleming, B.A. 1934, LL.B. 1937, former Justice of the California Courts of Appeal.

Martin R. Flug ’55 Professor of International Law Fund (2010) Established by a gift from Martin R. Flug, LL.B. 1955, and the Margulf Foundation, to support the teaching and research activities of a preeminent scholar with a uniquely distinguished reputation who has demonstrated continued excellence, innovation, and intellectual vitality in the field of international law.

Ford Foundation Professorship in Comparative and Foreign Law (1955) Established by the Ford Foundation to strengthen programs in international legal studies.

Ford Foundation Professorship in Law and Social Sciences (1955) Established by the Ford Foundation to improve the training of lawyers and law teachers.

Lafayette S. Foster Professorship (1903) Bequest of the Honorable Lafayette S. Foster, to found a professorship of English common law. “I direct that said Professor, as often as once in four years, shall deliver a public lecture at some convenient time and place…upon any branch of the common, civil, municipal or ecclesiastical law—the law of nature—the law of nations—political economy—or general politics, the professor to select his own subject.”

John A. Garver Professorship (1927) A gift and bequest of John A. Garver, B.A. 1875, to establish a chair of jurisprudence.

Sol Goldman Clinical Professorship (2008) Established by a gift from the Sol Goldman Charitable Trust, to support teaching and research activities associated with the professorship.

Maurice R. Greenberg Visiting Professorship (2006) Established by a gift from David Boies, LL.B. 1966, and Mary M. Boies, in honor of Maurice R. Greenberg.

Walton Hale Hamilton Professorship (1965) Gifts in memory of Professor Walton Hale Hamilton, M.A. Hon. 1928, a member of the faculty from 1928 to 1948.

The Sam Harris Professorship of Law (1983) A gift in memory of Sam Harris, LL.B. 1936, by the law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, and by his former clients and friends, to establish a chair in corporate and securities law.

Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld Professorship of Jurisprudence (1958) A gift in memory of Professor Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld, M.A. Hon. 1914, a member of the faculty between 1914 and 1918, from the May Treat Morrison Foundation, by Professor Hohfeld’s brother, Edward Hohfeld, as trustee, to start a professorship of jurisprudence.

Howard M. Holtzmann Professorship of International Law (1997) Established by gifts from Howard M. Holtzmann, B.A. 1942, J.D. 1947, a distinguished lawyer and jurist in the field of international arbitration and dispute resolution, and from his friends, on the occasion of Judge Holtzmann’s fifty-fifth reunion in Yale College, and fiftieth in Yale Law School. The chair is to be held by a member of the Yale Law School faculty who has achieved a worldwide reputation for teaching and scholarship in the field of international law, and who is devoted to the promotion of international order.

Harvey L. Karp Fund (1987) Established by a gift from the Harvey L. Karp Foundation to support the Law School’s existing Visiting Lecturers program.

Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Professorship (1985) A gift in honor of the Honorable Nicholas deB. Katzenbach, LL.B. 1947, professor of law, attorney general of the United States, undersecretary of state of the United States, and senior vice-president, law and external relations, of the International Business Machines Corporation, from the International Business Machines Corporation and numerous individuals, to establish a chair of public law or other branch of advanced legal education—not necessarily limited to domestic law or to the law of any one nation.

Knight Chair in Constitutional Law and the First Amendment (1997) Established by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to focus on the constitutional study of free speech and communication, with special emphasis on issues posed by new communications technologies.

Arthur Liman Professorship (1996) Established by the friends of Arthur L. Liman, LL.B. 1957, in recognition of his exemplary achievements as a counselor, advocate, and devoted defender of the public interest, to be held by a member of the faculty whose own teaching and scholarship display the same high ideals as Arthur Liman’s distinguished career.

Augustus E. Lines Professorship of Testamentary Law (1908) A bequest of Augustus E. Lines, of New Haven, Connecticut.

Henry R. Luce Professorship of Jurisprudence (1955) Gift from Henry R. Luce, B.A. 1920, M.A. Hon. 1926, the incumbent to teach law in Yale College as well as the Yale Law School.

Myres S. McDougal Professorship (1998) Gift of Paul C. Tsai, LL.M. 1954, J.S.D. 1957, together with friends and former students, in memory of Myres S. McDougal, J.S.D. 1931, Associate Professor of Law, 1934–39; Professor, 1939–44; William K. Townsend Professor of Law, 1944–58; Sterling Professor of Law, 1958–75; and Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law, 1975–98; to support a professorship.

Walter E. Meyer Professorship of Property and Urban Law (1965) Gift in memory of Walter E. Meyer, B.A. 1901, from the Walter E. Meyer Research Institute of Law, Inc.

Edward J. Phelps Professorship (1887) A gift of Junius S. Morgan, and his son J. Pierpont Morgan, LL.D. 1908, in honor of Professor Edward J. Phelps, 1822–1900, a member of the faculty between 1881 and 1900, to support a professorship of contracts and commercial law.

Alfred M. Rankin Professorship of Law (1991) Gifts in honor of Alfred M. Rankin, B.S. 1936, LL.B. 1939, a distinguished practicing lawyer for more than fifty years and a leader in civic affairs in Cleveland, Ohio, from his wife, Clara Taplin Rankin, and his son, Alfred M. Rankin, Jr., B.A. 1963, LL.B. 1966, to establish a chair in Yale Law School whose holder shall have demonstrated consistent quality and devotion to teaching both in the classroom and as a mentor to students.

Florence Rogatz Visiting Professorships (1994) A fund established through a generous bequest from Pat Herman Winokur in memory of her parents, Florence Rogatz Herman, LL.B. 1923, and Alexander C. Herman, to support visiting professorships.

Oscar M. Ruebhausen Professorship of Law (2005) Established by a bequest of Oscar M. Ruebhausen, LL.B. 1937.

Oscar M. Ruebhausen Visiting Scholars (2005) Established by a bequest of Oscar M. Ruebhausen, LL.B. 1937, to support individuals invited to Yale Law School.

Sidley Austin–Robert D. McLean ’70 Visiting Professorship (2006) Established by gifts from the law firm of Sidley Austin LLP, family, and friends to honor Robert D. McLean, LL.B. 1970, and his distinguished career in the law.

Robert R. Slaughter Professorship of Law (1998) A grant from the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation in memory of Robert R. Slaughter, B.A. 1945, LL.B. 1950, of New York City, to establish a chair in any field of English or American common or commercial law.

Gerard C. and Bernice Latrobe Smith Professorship (1993) A chair in international law, diplomacy, and cross-cultural studies. Established in honor of Ambassador Gerard C. Smith, LL.B. 1938, and in memory of his wife, Bernice Latrobe Smith, through gifts from family, friends, and the Ingalls Foundation.

John Thomas Smith Professorship (1964) Gift in memory of John Thomas Smith, LL.B. 1901 (1879–1947), from members of his family, friends, and associates, to found a professorship dealing with the legal problems arising from the impact on law of economic and technological changes.

Charles F. Southmayd Professorship (1913) A gift in memory of Charles F. Southmayd, LL.D. 1884, from his sister, Emily F. Southmayd.

Potter Stewart Professorship of Constitutional Law (1989) Established through the generosity of family, friends, and former law clerks to honor the memory of the Honorable Potter Stewart, LL.B. 1941, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1958–81. The memorial fund supports a Yale Law School chair, the holder of which also offers courses in Yale College.

Leighton Homer Surbeck Professorship (2000) Established to honor Homer Surbeck, Yale Law School Class of 1927 and founding member of the law firm of Hughes, Hubbard & Reed, by Margaret Surbeck, his wife. The appointment should be held by a person experienced in the practice of law prior to assuming the professorship.

William K. Townsend Professorship (1925) Gifts in memory of Professor William K. Townsend, LL.B. 1874, a member of the faculty between 1881 and 1907, from his son, George H. Townsend, B.A. 1908.

Gordon Bradford Tweedy Professorship of Law and Organization (1980) A gift in honor of Gordon Bradford Tweedy, B.A. 1929, LL.B. 1932, from members of his family, to establish a joint professorship between the Law School and the School of Management. The incumbent will offer interdisciplinary courses in both schools to encourage the growth of ideas and viewpoints between the legal and business communities.

Anne Urowsky Fund (2008) Established by a gift from Richard J. Urowsky, B.A. 1967, J.D. 1972, in honor of his mother, Anne Urowsky, to support the Anne Urowsky Professor in Law at Yale Law School.

Robert W. Winner Professorship (1999) An endowed chair in Law and Humanities or Law and Public Policy, created by the gift from a member of the Yale Law School Class of 1938 who was a close friend and business partner of Robert W. Winner, a Washington, D.C., real estate investor and humanitarian.

J. Skelly Wright Professorship (2008) Established by a bequest of Mrs. Helen Wright and gifts from former law clerks and friends, to honor the life and career of James Skelly Wright, LL.D. Hon. 1961, an eminent and courageous judge on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana (1948–62) and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (1962–87).