LL.M. Timeline
Aug. 1: Yale begins accepting LL.M. applications
Sept. 1: Classes begin; we recommend a visit
Sept.:  Arrange to take TOEFL, if you have not yet done so
Dec. 1: Last day applications are accepted
Dec. 22-Jan 18: Winter break begins at 5 p.m.
Jan 19: Classes resume
Mid-March: Admissions decisions will be made
April 25: Classes end

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About Transcripts

We require all applicants to the LL.M. program to submit their applications online through the Law School Admission Council’s electronic application (available August 1). After you register for LLM CAS, have your required transcripts sent only once directly to LSAC by the registrar of each undergraduate and graduate institution you attended. You must use LSAC's Transcript Request Forms for this purpose; these forms will be available only after you register for LLM CAS and enter your academic institution information. If you have records from education completed outside of the United States, all of your attested documents from the issuing institution or government agency must be submitted in the original language. If the transcripts or other required documents are not in English, a translation must be included.

International applicants must register for the LSAC Document Assembly service.  We also require the LSAC International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation service. If you are in the process of completing your degree, you should arrange for a transcript of all available grades to be sent to LSAC. When you have completed your degree, you will have to arrange for the final transcript to be sent to LSAC.

Please see the LSAC website for instructions on submitting transcripts to LSAC.